Demand CA Climate Leadership June 23rd!

The California Air Resources Board is planning the next 20 years of climate action in California, and their draft plan is represents a huge step backward. We’re calling on CARB to adopt an aggressive climate action plan that includes a full phaseout of oil refining and consumption in California, eliminates reliance on unproven carbon capture and sequestration technology, invests in clean and reliable transportation for all, and puts us on the path to achieve our 2030 climate goals. It’s time to stand up for California climate leadership — RSVP to join us at 8:30 a.m. June 23rd at the California EPA building, head inside to testify at the 9 a.m. CARB Board meeting, and rally outside at noon! If you aren't able to join us in the morning, consider joining us at noon for the rally!

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Together, we'll restore California's climate leadership.

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